Opening the Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Opening the Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Opening the Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Whether it be spurred on by a frightful snowstorm, rumbling thunderstorm, or just a downed power line, power outages are no fun. You have to fumble for a flashlight to see around your own home and can’t cook your meals because the stove won’t work. The last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to leave your house because you can’t open your automatic garage door.

Fortunately, garage door manufacturers keep this in mind when creating automatic doors. You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to be trapped in or out of your garage just because your door won’t function automatically. Here are some essential tips on how to open your garage door manually.

1. Pull the Bypass Cord

Before you begin, make sure that your garage door is fully closed if possible. Pulling the emergency cord activates the door’s manual mode and disconnects it from the garage door opener, meaning that an open door could come crashing down at a dangerous speed. If the door is stuck in an open position, make sure people and animals stay clear of it until you pull the bypass cord.

Now disconnect the garage door opener and pull its bypass cord to enter manual mode. The cord typically has a red handle and hangs down from the middle rail of the garage door system.

After you pull the cord, keep it out of the way by securing it close to the garage door motor. That way it won’t get caught on the tracks.

2. Open and Close the Door Using Handles

To open the garage door in manual mode, lift the garage door by the inner handle until it opens fully. The door should easily lift from the ground and stay in place when fully opened. If the door is hard to open, call a service technician as soon as possible to avoid potential safety issues.

To close the door, gently pull the handle down until the door reaches all the way to the ground. When closed, remember to lock your door, as it does not lock in manual mode until you slide the lock bar.

3. Reattach the Automatic Opener

When power is restored to your home and you regain the full functionality of your automatic door, you’ll need to reattach the door to the garage door opener. Plug the opener back in, making sure that the manual lock is not in the lock bar.

To re-engage the opener, pull down on the handle of the bypass cord the same way you did when deactivating it. Pull in the direction of the garage opening. Then pull up on the door until it snaps in place. Alternatively, you can also hit the button on the remote opener. The track will force the spring attachment back into place.

Repairing Your Garage Door With Scarboro

At Scarboro Garage Doors Ltd., we pride ourselves in the excellent customer care we provide in the Scarborough, Toronto and Pickering regions. If you have any problems in accessing the manual mode of your garage door or have any other product or service-related questions, contact us today for an estimate or repair service. We look forward to hearing from you and take care of your garage door needs.

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage is more than just an empty space. It welcomes your car, yourself and your family. It stores snowmobiles, soccer balls and power tools. It’s basically part of your family. But if you go in and out of it every day, you may forget your garage door is even there — or that it’s still a powerful machine that needs to be taken care of to ensure that your family is kept safe.

Avoid severe mishaps by following these garage door safety tips:

1. Perform Self-Checks

It’s important to continually check the safety sensors in your garage door.

The sensors, located on the rails of the door, reverse the direction of a closing door if a person or animal crosses underneath it. To test the sensors, begin closing the garage door as usual and stick an object such as a broom under the door. If the door doesn’t immediately reverse, call a professional to inspect and repair the sensors.

2. Keep Children and Animals Away From Doors and Door Openers

Children are naturally curious. But the garage door is never something that should be played with. When opening and closing the garage door, make sure children and animals don’t come near the door until it is all the way up or down.

Also, make sure that children know never to put their hands in the joints between the panels of the door while it’s opening or closing. NEISS reports over 7,500 injuries from fingers getting stuck in garage doors every year.

3. Keep Your Remote With You at All Times

Likewise, keeping your garage door entry remote with you at all times ensures that children will not accidentally get access to the remote and hurt themselves or others. Remind children that the remote is not a toy. Explain the dangers that can occur with the improper use of the garage door.

Not only will you be protecting your children and yourself from harm by keeping your remote with you, but you can also prevent break-ins by never leaving your remote in your car. Leaving a garage door remote out in the open creates an easy target for burglars. Your garage door is a key to your home. Treat it like one by keeping it with you like you would a house key.

4. Keep Your Garage Door Closed When Not in Use (And Avoid Giving Out Passwords)

Another way to protect your home from theft is by keeping the garage door closed when not in use. Only give out your passcode to people you trust — never to repair or delivery people.

If you need to let someone in temporarily, many newer entry systems allow you to enter a temporary PIN that you can set to be used a certain number of times. Making use of this feature ensures that only those you trust have continuous access to your garage.

5. Get Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Getting your garage door regularly tuned up allows you to have peace of mind that your door is working as it should.

Trust Scarboro To Ensure Garage Door Safety

At Scarboro Garage Doors Ltd., we are proud to offer quality repair jobs — never rushed jobs — to the Scarborough, Toronto and Pickering areas. Contact us today to schedule your garage door service and repair. We look forward to becoming your trusted garage door provider.

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