Improving the Appearance of Your Driveway

Improving the Appearance of Your Driveway

Improving the Appearance of Your Driveway

First impressions matter. This saying isn’t just true when you’re meeting your new boss or welcoming a new neighbor. It’s also true about your home. And as far as first impressions go, driveways are incredibly important. After all, they’re one of the first things your guests notice when coming to your home for the first time.

Because you want to make an excellent first impression and improve your curb appeal, you want to make sure your driveway always looks its best. Here are some tips to ensure that your driveway creates a lasting impression for your home.

Lighten It Up

Keep your driveway well-lit and welcoming with lights lining your drive and entryway. Not only will lights add a beautifully classic touch to your home and highlight its exterior, but they will also keep your guests safer as they park and walk into your home.

In fact, lighting the outside of your driveway and home with lights can help to deter burglars. Motion-activated lights, in particular, are often enough to frighten trespassers. Solar lights are an electrically and environmentally friendly choice, as they require no wiring or electrical outlets.

Use Edging

Installing a border along the sides of the driveway gives it a textured, polished look. It also adds a buffer between the driveway and your yard, preventing accidental mishaps. Edging can be made to fit your home’s aesthetic, as there are many options available. The edging can either be raised or flat, and it can be made using a variety of materials such as brick, concrete, logs, stones and even railroad ties to add a beautiful edge around your driveway.

Add Foliage

Flowers and bushes add vibrant colors and pleasant scents along your driveway. These plants raise your curb appeal and act as beautiful welcomers to your guests.

Different regions host different types of wildlife, so before you plant, contact a local nursery to decide what kinds of flowers will thrive in your area that you’ll have the time to maintain. Remember to continuously take care of your plants to ensure that they continue to add to the beauty of your driveway.

Replace Your Garage Door

At the end of your driveway lies your garage door. No matter how good your new driveway looks, a run-down garage door can detract from the beauty of your entrance and ruin that good first impression guests had of your home. Keeping your garage door maintained and up-to-date allows guests to have a beautiful experience from the first tire that pulls into the driveway to the first step they take into your door.

At Scarboro Garage Doors Ltd., we believe you deserve a driveway that gives an eye-popping first impression to every visitor of your home. We offer a selection of beautifully designed garage doors that will add a classic touch to any traditional or modern driveway. Contact us today or stop by our showroom — the only showroom in Scarborough — so we can provide you with the door you deserve.

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Spring Replacement and Cable Replacement

Spring Replacement and Cable Replacement

When your garage door isn’t working correctly, it can cause a huge disruption. If you’re a homeowner, you lose the amazing convenience you usually enjoy from your garage door. If you’re a business owner, it can be even more of an issue — potentially causing delays and losses.

When something breaks on your garage door, you need a fix as soon as possible. The springs and cables of your garage door are the most likely culprits of a broken or malfunctioning door. Read on to learn how to spot the signs of a broken cable or spring and how to get them fixed.

Dangers of Broken Springs and Cables

At its best, a broken garage door will be a nuisance. A garage door is a complex mechanism — when any one piece isn’t working, it will affect the entire door. When it isn’t working the way it should, it may not open or shut properly.

At the worst, a broken garage door can be a danger. When your door isn’t working, it can also be a security issue. If the door is hanging at an angle or won’t close the whole way, a thief may see that as an opportunity.

Signs of Broken Springs and Cables

If your garage door isn’t working right, you may not know what’s wrong with it. There are lots of signs for a broken garage door, like delayed opening and closing, strange sounds and more. If you have a feeling something is wrong, there probably is.

When you know how to recognize broken springs or cables, you’ll be able to get it fixed sooner. The sooner you get it inspected and fixed, the sooner you can get back to using it like normal. And, waiting to fix a broken garage door could lead to more serious issues.

A door with a broken spring will not open. If you press the opener and it makes a grinding sound but doesn’t open, you’ll most likely need to replace the spring. A broken cable is the more serious of these two types of issues, but a broken cable can also cause problems. When your garage door is sitting at an angle, it means one of the cables might have snapped. The door may still open a little bit, but you should always have it fixed as soon as you can.

Spring and Cable Repair and Replacement

If you suspect that the spring or cable of your garage door is broken, you should hire a professional. Some homeowners or businesses choose a DIY fix, but we recommend trusting in the expertise of a professional. If your door also has more serious issues, they will know what to do. Plus, if you run into additional problems during your DIY fix, you may end up causing more issues and having to pay for a pricier repair.

Contact Scarboro Garage Doors for Spring and Cable Replacement

For a top-quality garage door professional in the Scarborough, Pickering or Toronto area, we hope you come to us at Scarboro Garage Door. Our expertise and excellent customer service will allow us to find the problem and suggest the best solution. Please schedule a service appointment with us to get your garage door back in order soon.

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