A Homeowners Journey of Garage Door Discovery

A Homeowners Journey of Garage Door Discovery

If you have a garage in your home, this scenario might sound familiar. You’re in the garage, maybe working on something or putting something away. You hear something outside the garage door. You’re not sure if it’s your neighbour, the one whose lawnmower you haven’t returned yet, but want to use again before you do, or if it’s the new lawn mower that you ordered being delivered.

Do you risk facing the neighbour by opening the door to find out what the noise is about?

Now imagine if you had windows in your garage door. Problem solved.

Not only would you know if it’s your neighbour or new lawn mower, or something completely different, but you could open your door entirely confident of exactly what you’ll see when you do.

Such is the power of a window in your garage door.

While we’re making a little fun here, we’re doing it to highlight a point. Making a simple change to your garage door when replacing it, versus going with exactly what you had before, can make a huge difference in how you use your door, its looks, and the benefits you get from it.

The Benefits of Trying Something New for Your Garage Door 

Every month, garage door manufacturer Clopay gives away $1,000 to the winner of their imagineNATION contest. Homeowners can enter the contest each month by submitting ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of their Clopay garage door installation.

The story of a recent contest winner from Connecticut is really typical of what we come across almost daily. When homeowners decide to replace their garage door they usually just think of getting a new one that looks much the same as the old one. Why not? It’s a safe bet and they don’t have to worry about picking a new colour or style, right?


This is the largest single visual element of the front of a home. You use it every day. It’s as important as any other space in your home. But you want to just go with a replacement that’s as close as you can get to the old door? Kinda like you’re replacing furnace filter?

Fortunately, the contest winner decided to try some upgrades. Needing a new door because the old one was not working properly and was flimsy, the homeowner originally wanted a similar style, except in an insulated version.

But once he got to see what styles were available, he made his first step up to a carriage style door from the traditional raised-panel door he was replacing.

Knowing that the homeowner was open to options, the garage door dealer suggested going even further outside his comfort zone. The dealer suggested an insulated steel door for durability, in black to match the home’s exterior colour scheme, with windows to match the home’s windows.

What Does the Homeowner Think of The New Door?

“It’s funny, but the new door has been life changing.”

It does seem funny that something we take for granted could actually become ‘life-changing’. How can that be? The homeowner gets to see the impact of the new door on his house every time he comes home. “When we arrive home each day, it really makes a nice difference.”

In the end, the homeowner summed up his experience this way. “When we decided it was time for a new garage door, we were doing it out of necessity to replace the old, shaky garage door that was becoming unsafe. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that we would change the entire look and feel of our home! Better curb appeal, insulation, windows for viewing, and a quieter door. We’re so happy with our garage door replacement.”

If there’s one more lesson to be learned from this story, it is that it pays to talk to a garage door specialist when it’s time to replace your door. Call us here at Scarboro Garage Door when you’re ready to see what’s possible.

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