Check Out What People are Doing to Their Garage Doors

Check Out What People are Doing to Their Garage Doors

Pity your poor garage door. Inside your home, you paint, redecorate and refurnish every few years, and outside your home you do some creative landscaping and are constantly tending the garden.

But what about your garage door, the thing that works for you faithfully, going up and down on command, many times a day, protecting your car and belongings through wind, rain, snow and ice, year in and year out? 

What have you done for it lately?!

If you’re like most homeowners, not only do you not ‘redecorate’ or ‘tend’ to your garage door, you probably haven’t even given it a good wash in recent memory, have you?

OK, forgive us for guilt-tripping you about your garage door. There’s a reason why you don’t pay it any attention. You don’t have to. Modern doors are designed and built to last and look great for many years. So why would you put in any time and effort to ‘tend’ to it – it already looks good (BTW – if it doesn’t, give us a call!).

But that long-lasting reliability hasn’t stopped some homeowners from decorating their garage doors in some very creative ways, for a number of different reasons.

Here a just a few recent examples of people who used their garage doors to express themselves – and even improve the curb appeal of their homes.

1. Celebrating Canada 150

It’s been used to fasten and/or repair just about anything in and around the house. Some people make iPhone cases from it. And well-known Canadian TV icon Red Green (aka Steve Smith) made it even more famous when he dubbed it ‘the handyman’s secret weapon’.

But a woman in Cambridge, Ontario, put duct tape to work in a novel way of celebrating Canada’s recent 150th In an effort to win a neighbourhood competition for the best decorated house, Ingrid Talpak bought herself four rolls of red duct tape and went to work on her white garage doors.

When she was done six days and 25 hours of work later, her two single garage doors were beautifully decorated with a giant maple leaf and Canada 150 motif.

2. Butterfly Conservation

If you haven’t been down a Toronto laneway recently, you’re missing a feast for the eyes. Spurred on by organizations like The Laneway Project, and homeowner’s and graffiti artist’s desire to express themselves, the garage doors in laneways across the city are being turned into canvases for some beautifully creative artwork.

As one example, in an effort to support the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project, an initiative to provide food and shelter for butterflies and bees in neighbourhoods across Canada (including along the Gatineau Corridor right here in Scarborough!) about two dozen garage doors were painted with butterfly-themed murals in a laneway facing Garrison Creek Park.

3. Make Your Garage Doors Glow

We here at Scarborough Garage Doors stock only products from the leading garage door manufacturers in the business. Hass Door is one of them. Not only does their 360 Series aluminum garage door offer a wide variety of finishes (27 in all!) for you to ‘customize’ your home, but the company also offers a backlit option that makes the doors look like they are glowing at night. In a new residential development in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, every home buyer so far has opted for the Haas 360 Door upgrade option.

In addition to giving you an option for a distinctive look for your door, the lighting also improves night time safety and increases the curb appeal of your home.

See what happens when you show your garage door some love?

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