Improving the Appearance of Your Driveway

Improving the Appearance of Your Driveway First impressions matter. This saying isn’t just true when you’re meeting your new boss or welcoming a new neighbor. It’s also true about your home. And as far as first impressions go, driveways are incredibly important. After all, they’re one of the first things your guests notice when coming to your home for the first time. Because you want to make an excellent first impression and improve your curb appeal, you want to make sure your driveway always looks its best. Here are some tips to ensure that your driveway creates a lasting impression […]

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Spring Replacement and Cable Replacement

Spring Replacement and Cable Replacement When your garage door isn’t working correctly, it can cause a huge disruption. If you’re a homeowner, you lose the amazing convenience you usually enjoy from your garage door. If you’re a business owner, it can be even more of an issue — potentially causing delays and losses. When something breaks on your garage door, you need a fix as soon as possible. The springs and cables of your garage door are the most likely culprits of a broken or malfunctioning door. Read on to learn how to spot the signs of a broken cable […]

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How To Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

How To Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door You’ve had your garage door for as long as you can remember. But lately, you’ve noticed that this loved feature has become a little — or quite a bit — run down. It isn’t working as it should, and you’re worried about how best to help keep it functioning while retaining your home’s market value. If you’re wondering whether to repair your garage door or whether your old door is even worth salvaging, look no further than these tips for your garage door’s repair or replacement. When Can I […]

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Opening the Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Opening the Garage Door When the Power Is Out Whether it be spurred on by a frightful snowstorm, rumbling thunderstorm, or just a downed power line, power outages are no fun. You have to fumble for a flashlight to see around your own home and can’t cook your meals because the stove won’t work. The last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to leave your house because you can’t open your automatic garage door. Fortunately, garage door manufacturers keep this in mind when creating automatic doors. You can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t […]

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Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage Door Safety Tips A garage is more than just an empty space. It welcomes your car, yourself and your family. It stores snowmobiles, soccer balls and power tools. It’s basically part of your family. But if you go in and out of it every day, you may forget your garage door is even there — or that it’s still a powerful machine that needs to be taken care of to ensure that your family is kept safe. Avoid severe mishaps by following these garage door safety tips: Table of Contents 1. Perform Self-Checks2. Keep Children and Animals Away From […]

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Top 2018 Garage Door Design and Color Trends

Top 2018 Garage Door Design and Color Trends Keeping up with yearly real estate trends is hard. You want to stay relevant and keep your property value high, but you don’t want to spend a fortune to get a look that’ll go out of style within the next 12 months. You need durability that will last you for years with the effortless style that the whole neighborhood will envy. Many homeowners work tirelessly to improve the appearance of their home. From sidewalks and driveways to siding and shutters, they approach the summer ready to tackle all the projects they can […]

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Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to Our New Website Hello! Thanks for taking the time to check out our new website. We hope you like what you see and come back often. Even better, we look forward to helping you with any garage door maintenance, repair and installation needs that you might have. Scarboro Garage Doors is the latest chapter in a really remarkable local business success story. Scarborough native, Kevin Chappel, and his university classmate, Chris Dale, started working in the garage door business in 1999 after graduating with Business Administration degrees from Peterborough’s Trent University. With the experience they built up through […]

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Why it’s Time to ‘Get Off the Fence’ About A New Garage Door

Why it’s Time to ‘Get Off the Fence’ About A New Garage Door It’s not something you do very often. In fact, you’ll probably change homes more often than you’ll ever get a new garage door. And that longevity is both a blessing and a curse. The good part is that new garage doors are designed to last a very long time. Despite the fact that they are the largest moving object in your home, door designs, materials and technology have advanced to the point where most homeowners will only need to replace their garage doors once. But that infrequent […]

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The 3 Reasons Why It’s Time for a New Garage Door Opener

The 3 Reasons Why It’s Time for a New Garage Door Opener Has your garage door opener ever stopped working on its own? Or have you ever had your car stuck in the garage during a power outage because the opener wouldn’t work? Hopefully you don’t mind all the questions, but we ask them to make a point. While you probably don’t give it a second thought day-to-day, it’s when you suddenly can’t use your garage door opener that you realize just how much you depend on it. Fortunately, most name-brand openers are fairly reliable. That’s why we asked the […]

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4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Tip-Top Condition

4 Tips to Keep Your Garage Door in Tip-Top Condition So how’s your garage door doing? Chances are it’s working perfectly fine. Despite it being the biggest, heaviest moveable thing in your home, and that you use it a couple times every day, your garage door is remarkably reliable. Unfortunately, that steady dependability can lead to neglect. Look at it this way, compared to some of the other systems in your home, like the furnace, electricals or plumbing, how often do you do even the smallest amount of maintenance on your garage door? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t done […]

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