Alison M. in Toronto

Let me just start by saying that the customer service was excellent, as was the work done!

I was looking for a garage door opener replacement and after receiving great advice and a quote from Chris, Ryan came to do the job. He realized right away that he wouldn’t be able to do the job, because there was no plug, the opener was hardwired into the ceiling. Electrician wouldn’t put in plug because he wouldn’t take the garage opener down. Longer story short, Ryan came not once, not twice, but three times to finish the job and was always accommodating, prompt and professional. He didn’t charge me for the trips which I’m sure most companies would.

Thank you Ryan, for making a somewhat problematic start to a job so much less stressful!

I would definitely say if you’re looking to get a new garage door opener, call Ryan. I have a neighbor who I know is thinking about getting a new opener, and I will be giving him Scarboro Garage Door’s number.

If only all companies went the extra mile like Scarboro Garage Doors I would do a lot more upgrades!

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